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Blue Apple Corporation
Hi-life mall, 3rd Floor,
Office no 39, P. M. Road,
Next to Santacruz Station,
Santacruz (West)
Mumbai - 400054

T +91 022 65309555
M +91 98202 43397

2, Mantri Vihar,
Next to Krishna Hospital,
Paud Road, Kothrud,
Pune - 411 038.
M +91 8390701223

Blue Apple Worldwide

We are an Indian based product-supplier Company. We specialize in supplying pipes, pipe fittings perishable/ non perishable food & food products to our clients not only in India but also exporting the same to those outside India. 'Blue Apple Worldwide' is a company made up of experienced suppliers. We export high quality food products which have been pre checked under Food Quality Standards and complete custom clearance across the world to your doorstep.

Currently the company exports to countries having a sizeable Indian expats population in Middle East, APAC and European region. In future it has plans to spread its footprints across the globe.

Pipe Fittings

We are leading manufacturers, traders and exporters of high pressure pipe fittings, elbow, Tee, Flanges, Couplings etc. used in Oil refineries, Petrochemical Plants, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Unit & Chemical Plant.


Spicy pickles are very important item in Indian meal. Pickles enhances the tastes of the meal and increases the satisfaction after every meal. The different varieties available are mango pickle, chilli pickle, lime pickle, mixed pickle, ginger pickle, garlic pickle and many more.

Instant Indian Foods

Mouth-watering dishes can be prepared using some of the greatest and popular culinary treats evolved in India. The different instant foods available are dosa mix, idli mix, vada mix, sambar mix, upma mix, gulab jamun mix and many more.

Indian sweets

Indian sweets are very tempting and mouth watering and hard to resist. A sumptuous meal is always incomplete without sweet dish like gulab jamun or rasgulla.


Masala is a term used in Indian cuisine and the cuisines of neighbouring, culturally similar regions, like Pakistan and Bangladesh, to describe a mixture of spices and it can either be a combination of dried spices, or a paste with ingredients like garlic, ginger and onion. The different masalas available are Biryani masala, Pavbhaji masala, Chicken masala and many more.


Spices have been used by Indians for centuries for their medicinal qualities as well as for the flavour they add to their dishes.

Mustard Seeds (Sarson or Rai)

These little black grains find their way into cuisines across India but are particular favourite with Bengalis.

Cumin Seeds (Jeera)

It is virtually indispensable in North Indian cooking be it dal, sabzi or jeera rice. Down South it is part of aromatic rasam powder

Fenugreek Seeds (Methi)

They are used for their unique flavour, whether as a part of the dosa batter or the Bengali - Oriya spice mix 'panch phoran'.

Carom Seeda or Thymol Seeds (Ajwain)

A favourite in Gujarat and UP, they are tossed in array of dishes from kadhis to simple sabzis and also in dough of puris and samosas.

Fennel Seeds (Saunf)

It is used in pickles as well as in seasoning in sabzis. They are also used to chew on post meal with or without sugar.

Sesame Seeds (Til)

They are used commonly in chikkis, ladoos and in preparing special festival dishes.